Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jaguar project - Instrumentation

Got the gauges! Speedometer goes to 160 MPH, Tachometer 10,000 RPM. Water temperature and Oil pressure. The white box has the Hall Effect transducer for the speedometer.

Keeping the petrol level guage, but removing the Ammeter and replacing with the oil pressure. The combination Oil Pressure/Water Temperature guage will be Water Temperature only.

The dash board covering is dyed leather. Looking in to getting some Burlwood veneer to replace the leather like the Drop Head Coupe model has.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jaguar project

I have been looking at replacement instruments for the dashboard. The Tachometer is going from mechanical to electric. The new speedometer I have been researching are electronic and programmable. Which makes it a lot easier to calibrate for different tire sizes. I have pretty much settled on the Autometer Cobalt series.

The Cosy engine sounds a lot like the Jag engine.
Left channel is the Ford-Cosworth and Right Channel is the original Jaguar engine.