Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jaguar project update

New 2 ear hub caps for the wire wheels

Longer bolt, lock washer, fender washer, fabricated plate, spacer ring and hub cap

Looking good when done mounting.
Cleaning up the intake manifold.

Pulled the intake manifold to clean up.

Will skip pulling the fuel rail and injectors. This is how you get to them.

I thought it was powder coated, but just painted.

See if I can polish the aluminium and see how it turns out then decide if I want to repaint.

Underside with casting stamps. FB for FBA model and 1993 casting year. 

I had a bad transmission leak. I pulled the transmission and found it was the bell housing where it mated with the shift rod. Repaired it with epoxy clay and a new gasket fabricated from gasket material. No more leak.