Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jaguar Project - Bodywork

It has been a couple of months without an update. Imagination Engineering has been having some political and other problems, so progress has been at a stand still.

-- The body and paint man quit and moved to the Bahamas so I had to find a reasonable paint shop. The local experts will only do show/concourse quality paint and want an arm, leg and first born child as payment. The body shops that do quality work, only do insurance claims. I was lucky enough to find Midnight Customz that will do the work at a reasonable price. They have done some show cars and don't require the first born, only two sheep and a goat.

-- The county got a new business inspector, and was overly zealous in the inspection of the premises. She wanted to slap a $1K fine per day if all the violations were not fixed in a very short time. So the Jag (still unnamed) was put on the back-back burner until things could get resolved. It turns out that the land they are on is being leased from the rail road, so it is exempt from a lot of the new business laws that were passed to put small business out of business.

After and in spite all that, there has been progress!

Major work to the boot lid. Rebuilt from the original plus one from a scrapped XK120. The doors also needed major repairs and alignment. Completed.

All ready to be transported to the paint shop. Hopefully he/she (still unnamed) made it to the paint shop. It was going there last Wednesday, the day I traveled to the left coast.

I am still looking for a name for my XK120. It used to be the "Orange Crate" due to the almost international orange color. But that name will no longer apply due to the new planned color of Nordic Mist metalic (Blueish Silver). Any suggestions? I am looking for a unique name for my kitty cat.