Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jaguar - Paint shop

No progress for the past couple of weeks. Almost ready to paint and most of the rush jobs are out of the paint shop. Mustang in the queue of project cars ahead of me getting painted today.

I did not bring my checkbook along, so will have to go again tomorrow to put up some money for the interior fabric purchase.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jaguar - Dashboard

No progress this week at the paint shop.
So I decided to calibrate and test the fuel gauge. I used the old fuel level sensor. Still working but the float leaks. I think I need to put the dash lights on a potentiometer to lessen the brightness a bit.

In other news, the roll around junk yard wheels prize is still available to the winner of naming the car.

  • Name Sex Meaning Origin
  • Arcene F Silvery. French
  • Argenta F The silvery one. Latin
  • Argentia F Silver. Latin
  • Argentina F Silver. Latin
  • Argento M Silver. Latin
  • Argyros M Silver. Greek
  • Arian F Silver. Welsh
  • Arian M Silver. Derived from Greek Arion, mythological magic horse. Welsh
  • Ariana F Silver. Welsh
  • Arianell F Silver. (An early saint) Welsh
  • Arianrod F Silver wheel. Anglo-Saxon
  • Arjean F Silvery. French
  • Antenor M South American silver magnate Antenor Patino. Spanish/Greek
  • Eirian F Silver. Welsh
  • Fidda F Silver Arabic
  • Gina F Silvery Japanese
  • Gweir M Legendary son of Cadellin Silver. Welsh
  • Jumanah F Silver pearl. Arabic
  • Kailasa F Silver mountain. Indian
  • Lujayn F Silver. Arabic
  • Silverman M Silver; Silver worker Old English
  • Silverton M Silver; Silver town Old English
  • Silvio M Silver. Italian
  • Sippai M Threshold, silver cup. Biblical
  • Sooleawa F Silver (Algonquin). Native American
  • Sterlyn M Of high quality; pure. Pre-medieval refiners of silver. English
  • Stirling M Of high quality, pure. Pre-medieval refiners of silver. English
  • Tatyana F Silver-haired. A popular Russian name. Latin