Monday, February 28, 2011

Jaguar Startup

First test of rewiring the engine computer loom. Start up a bit rough, the ECU has to learn the engine after sitting for over a year without starting. No leaks, sounds a bit rough. Once I get it road worthy, I'll give it a good Italian tune up.

Trouble uploading to blogger, uploaded to youtube, but not sound (?). It did not sound too sweet anyhow. :-(

Still have to do some wrapping of cables and installing more cable clamps to tidy things up. I installed a terminal board for the ignition power common point rather than the lump of tied together wires. Installed the horn button, but not the horns, yet.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jaguar project wiring

Most of the day spent rewiring. Got the rats nest cleaned up and removed about 4 feet of wire from each of the 30 or so wires making up the main engine computer loom.
Need to get cable clamps to tie everything down.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Jaguar project wiring

I got 5 Gallons of gas ($3.29/gallon) and debugged the fuel level sensor. Then fired (literally) it up. A lot of the wires are way too long, and some were resting on the right hand exhaust manifold.
Before things got too far out of hand, I was able to test the tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature, and speedometer.
I adjusted the fan thermocouple to turn the fan on at 180F. That is when I noticed some smoke coming for the right side and shut it down. No real damage done, just some tubing I have the wire in melting a bit.

Block diagram of 2.9Litre V6 24valve Cosworth engine.

I unwrapped most of the wire looms and am in the process of taking about 5 feet of excess wire out of the looms. I am eliminating about half of the unused wires having to do with things like air conditioning compressor clutch, 4-3 automatic transmission shift down, neutral/park transmission position, canister purge, EGR for leaded gas and other stuff that is not applicable.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jaguar project at home

Had to install the windshield before installing the dashboard and wiring. The mounting posts are behind the dashboard.

I took the bonnet (hood) off for easier access to the firewall wiring. Still a rats nest of wires. Some of the wire lengths are way too long. Plan is to clean it up after everything works.

Testing the headlights.

Still need to connect the brake lights to the brake light switch.

Dashboard installed.

She is coming together. Seats and bumpers next.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jaguar project at home

Busy week. I got a lot done, and still a lot left to do.
  • Ran wires for headlights and parking lamps

  • Mounted fuse blocks to firewall.

  • Wired up thermostatic control for radiator fan and mounted control to engine compartment.

  • Ran wires for radiator fan manual control (to override thermostatic control just in case).

  • Tore down, cleaned, lubricated the windshield wiper cable and mechanism. Took about 3 hours for this one.

  • Rerouted the ground cable from the battery to the frame to fit under the cover I fabricated from a marine battery box. I had to remove the right hand muffler and tailpipe to get enough clearance for my drill to drill and tap a hole in the frame for a good ground.

I am not looking forward to tearing down the engine computer cable and ringing out all the wires. There are a lot of extra unused wires for things like air conditioner, automatic transmission, and other stuff I have not figured out yet. I want to make it as clean and simple as possible.
So far I have been working mostly on the front end of the car. Still have the tail/brake, license and backup lights to do. I have been cutting out old dead wires and noting the routing I want to take for the new wires.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jaguar project at home

I took off the transmission tunnel to access the odometer and reverse lamp switch.

Fabricated a bracket to holding the hall effect transducer for the speedometer.

Solution for mounting the wire wheels.
A piece of pipe, tapped for the wheel studs to be used as a guide for installing the wheels.
Without it, it is a real pain to line up the holes with the studs. This makes it a piece of cake.

Slide the wheel over the pipe, install 4 of the five lug nuts, then remove the pipe and install the last stud. Put the other 3 wheels on. Done.

Jaguar Wednesday did not get too much done. Picked up some parts from Imagination Engineering they had ordered for me from XKS unlimited. Needed some wire, so Richard sent me to Skycraft Surplus and too much time checking it out. I got the wire at a very good price.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jaguar project wiring

Finally got the old roll around steering wheel off. What a job, it was really glued on with paint over spray.
Set the dashboard in the car to check clearances and wire lengths. Plenty of room between the radio and the gear shift in 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears.
Before anyone asks, the paint does not have a red tinge. That is the reflection of the kayak suspended from the garage ceiling.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jaguar project at home

A lot to do. Put her up on jack stands and removed the junk yard roll around wheels.

I had tried to install one of these wire wheels at the paint shop with no luck.
I used my hydraulic jack to support the wheel while lining up the studs. That worked.

The stud does not clear the hub like most wheels. The lug nuts are long and go all the way through the wheel. Definitely not quick change. These are my show wheels and tires.

Working on the wiring rats nest. A lot of extra wires from the original car the engine came from. Simple (?) matter of figuring out what I don't need and removing those wires and connectors. Some are for the dashboard and automatic transmission, etc.

Installed the tail lights and I am in the process of removing all the old wiring to replace with all new. Making my own loom.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jaguar project paint shop

Jaguar Wednesday moving day! YAY!

Loading on to the flatbed truck.

Careful... little by little.

Strapping down. Don't want her to fall off.

Ready to get on the road home.

Double check the hold down straps.

On the road at last.

Backing into driveway.

Back up just a little bit more.

Unloading carefully.

Almost back on the ground.

In the garage. Now up to me to work on her.

A lot of work left to do.

I put her up on jack stands and removed the junk yard tires. Time for lunch, a shower, and a siesta. I thought this day would never come. Do I start on the wiring or the chrome? Decisions, decisions.

Same tow truck as used in 2007.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jaguar project paint shop

Caught KC in the act of buffing the Jag.

A lot of the buffing has to be done by hand due to the curves.

Almost done.

Turn the sound up if like to listen to an air compressor.

Tomorrow she comes home to install all the feathers and bones; seats, seat belts, dashboard, head and tail lights, wiring, wheels and tires, etc.