Sunday, January 13, 2013

Florida - California trip

To San Diego, California from Apopka, Florida in Honda Civic Si.

Day 1 from Apopka to Pensacola, Florida.

Day 2 Pensacola to Houston, Texas

Day 3 Houston to Van Horn, Texas

Day 4 Van Horn to Yuma, Arizona

Day 5 Yuma to San Diego, California

Return trip from San Diego, California to Apopka, Florida.

Day 1 San Diego to Wilcox, Arizona

Day 2 Wilcox to Ft. Stockton, Texas

Day 3 Ft. Stockton to Orange, Texas

Day 4 Orange to Pensacola, Florida

Day 5 Pensacola to Apopka, Florida

Overall average of 30 MPG and 66 MPH. No problems.