Friday, November 16, 2007

Jaguar project - Cosworth engine

Preliminary mockup of Ford-Cosworth engine.

Front view. Starting to take shape.

It fits with some room to spare.

Cockpit view.

From under the left front fender.

From under the Left front fender.

Jaguar project - Cosworth engine

Out of the crate and still on the pallet.

Comparison of Ford-Cosworth vs Jaguar engines...



Engine type

60 degree V6 24 valve DOHC 2.9Liter

Straight 6 12 valve DOHC 3.5Liter

Engine weight

400 pounds

1100 pounds


179 Cubic Inch / 2935CC

210 Cubic Inch / 3442CC

Compression ratio


8:1 stock 10.5:1 rebuild


3.66 Inch / 93mm

3.2677 Inch / 83mm


2.83 Inch / 72mm

4.1732 Inch / 106mm


195 BHP @ 5750 RPM (143KW)

160 BHP @ 5200 RPM


203 lbs/ft @ 4250 RPM

195 lbs/ft @ 2500 RPM

Fuel injection system


Twin SU carburettors

Ignition system


Mechanical Distributor


133 HP/ton Scorpio

128 HP/ton

195 HP/ton Jaguar

Removing Air Conditioning and Power Steering (230BHP), lighter engine/transmission (1100lbs vs 500lbs), Regular Fuel instead of 100 octane, 5 quarts of oil instead of 16, all make for a logical engine exchange decision.

Conservative estimate is 200+BHP per Ton Power/Weight ratio.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jaguar project - in the shop

In the shop. Starting the tear down.

Jaguar project

No, I did not run over somebody!
Pulled the Jaguar out of the garage in Florida into the street. That is the tow truck driver connecting the winch to get it onto the truck for transport to the shop.

All loaded, tied down and ready to go to Imagination Engineering shop.

This was in July of 2007.

Jaguar project

This is the 1952 Jaguar XK120 as sitting in my garage in Pleasant Valley, New York since August of 1982. For the first few years I would start it up and run for a few minutes to let it warm up then shut it down until the next time. When the batteries would no longer hold a charge, I just let it sit. I moved from New York to Florida in 2005 and it came with my household items but in its own trailer behind the moving van.