Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter rally

First in class
Beautiful day for a drive with the Jaguar Club of Florida.

Leaving Cracker Barrel after getting directions.

Speedometer check, coffee and donuts at Orlando Jaguar dealer.

Icecream break in Windemere.

Waiting for everyone to finish their icecream.

Ginger's V12 in resting mode.

Stop at C.A.R.E to view the animals.

Route 46 restaurant in Sanford for late lunch and awards.

 Actually came in 2nd from last. There were only 2 cars in the class.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Jaguar

 By lake Apopka.

 By lake Apopka.

 By lake Apopka.

 By lake Apopka.

By Shepard Lake.

I lowered the front end by adjusting the torsion bars. The front was about 3/4" higher than the rear. Now 1-1/2" lower. That should keep the front end from lifting at high speeds.

 By lake Apopka.