Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote early, vote often...

Today I did the early voting thing. The line wrapped halfway around the library. It only took one and a half hours. I was planning on two.

Sure, I could have done absentee voting, but what fun is that? Had an interesting conversation with a woman that was in line in front of me, which made the time in line go a lot faster. Besides, when you GO to vote, you get one of these neat stickers each time you vote.

Unless of course you only vote once, but talk the poll worker into giving you more than one sticker!


Mamita Ruby said...

That sounds just like you, one of a kind!
I am glad you got that many stickers. But what was your conversation with the person at the poll line? I am curious. Was she a Dem or Rep?
You look great on that McCain T shirt. I am lying"

Monica said...

I voted early and didn't get a sticker! But then, I voted by mail. I'm not retired, so I don't have all day to stand in line to vote!

You'd be pleased to know that I DID vote for a couple of Republican candidates in our local elections; they seemed like the best ones for the job. I'm not limited in my thinking by partisan labels, or gender, or race. May the best people for the jobs they're running for win.