Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jaguar Project - Bodywork

The work on the boot lid is progressing. The wood looks a lot better. Ran out of gas for the heli-arc for welding the aluminum feathers and bones back together.

I renewed the tags for both of my other vehicles for 2 years. I also picked up the form for getting registration, tags and license plate in Florida. I need to get this done before September 1st when the fees are going to DOUBLE. So I went for the 2 year renewal for the car and van, hope I can do the same for the Jaguar.
I am looking in to getting insurance from Hagerty Collector Car and Boat Insurance with a agreed value policy. They also have some interesting pamphlets and guides.

I hope I don't run in to a catch 22 where it requires registration to get insurance and insurance to get registration. ;-)


Evelyn said...

I don't get it Pito - what is the boot? Why does it have wood? Where does it go? What is it for? When will it be finished? When do I get to drive it? AND Where is the doggie seat?

PiTo said...

The boot is at the opposite end from the bonnet, of course.

Wood is lighter and stronger than plastic, which they had very little of in 1952.

It goes in the back to cover the boot. See previous blog post.

It is to keep the rain and dirt out, and the luggage and tools in.

You get to drive it when it is on the road again, registered, licensed and insured.

I was hoping to borrow your doggie seat. Or maybe I should make one between the seats.