Friday, August 21, 2009

Home problem

Yesterday was a busy day. I had a wet spot in the carpet that I thought was a water pipe leak under the slab. I called a local plumber, Grace Plumbing, that specialized in leak detection. After much probing and prodding he located the water was coming from the air conditioner.

He called Damage Control Emergency Services to clean up the water damage and Air Supply Cooling and Heating to fix the air conditioner. The cause of the problem was a blockage on the air conditioner condenser. The condenser is at about a 45 degree angle so that the water that is dehumidified from the air will run down into a tray at the bottom and out a pipe to the outside.
The water that was condensing was dripping back out the air return then making its way beneath the carpet.

Air return leaking where it should not have.

Damage control blowers drying out carpet and baseboards.

Damage Control dehumidifier drying things out.

So now I have all these blowers and dehumidifiers running until Sunday when they will come and check things out and take their equipment back.

Monday morning the Home owners Insurance adjuster is coming out to evaluate my claim. Will see how much of this will be covered.

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Evelyn said...

P - watch your lungs with all this going on. I got really bad bronchitis last time our water heater leaked and flooded the house. I suggest you try to keep out of the house AMAP (as much as possible)... Love you!