Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jaguar - Paint shop

Todays visit to the paint shop.

Working on the front part. Can not believe how many curves are involved. Jaguars are truly a sculpted work of art.

Rear fenders done and taken off for edge work.

Dropped off the welting that goes between the fenders and body.

Boot lid was a major job. The dark spots low areas that need another layer of filler and more sanding.

Next week it may have a base coat of primer. They are taking away all the character from the initial minor defects as it was finished on May 22, 1952. Was not 'dispatched' until June 28, 1952 and first owner took possession on August 13, 1952.

On the same schedule, except 58 years later.

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PiTo said...

From Brother in law, Don,
Just Looked at your jaguar page and thoroughly impressed with all the small rubber parts you are buying. It also seems unbelievable that you can actually get new rubber parts for your Jaguar.Also, are you getting the chrome work done yourself?
I also took a close up look of the front view of your car while it is still inside the body shop. I would not doubt you if you said the Jaguar does not have a flat surface anywhere on the outside surface.