Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jaguar - Windshield and Grill

Windshield frame, glass, parts and materials.

The black ever-seal goes around the glass, and the glass goes into the 3 piece frame. I did the bottom first, then the top and las the center piece. The trick is to use some liquid dish soap to be able to slide the glass into the frame. I used the ratchet strap to carefully compress the parts together.

Finished product.

XK120 grill.

Cleaned up nicely with chrome cleaner and polish. I had lost the far left vertical slat, so I removed the far right one. More air for cooling, but more bugs in the radiator. I also scraped, primed and painted the slats rather than spending megabucks on getting the whole thing re-chromed.

I visited the Jaguar in the paint shop today. More progress. The rear end, boot (trunk) lid and rear fenders have a coat of a special fiberglass, filler, primer mixture and are being sanded and smoothed getting ready for primer.

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