Friday, June 18, 2010

Jaguar - Dashboard

I have been looking at the dashboard on top of my bookcase for months now, and it just did not look right some how.

This is before the change I made today.

and this is after.

I case you did not detect it, I changed the original fuel gauge for a Autometer Cobalt gauge that matches the rest of the gauges.

The dashboard is now totally modernized.

Electric tachometer, the mechanical one had no place to connect.
Electric water temperature replacing the unreliable bourdon tube Smiths original.
Electric fuel level that can be calibrated with an empty/full tank procedure.
Mechanical oil pressure same as the original.
Electronic speedometer with hall effect sensor. Procedure to calibrate by holding the dual trip odometer reset button while turning on the ignition, driving a measured two miles, stopping and pressing the button again. This solves the problem of different tire diameters.

I attended the Jaguar Club of Florida meeting last night. I got to Cricketer's Arms restaurant about an hour early so I walked the Festival Bay mall and found a little shop where I scored the Jaguar key fob.

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