Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jaguar - Dashboard

No progress this week at the paint shop.
So I decided to calibrate and test the fuel gauge. I used the old fuel level sensor. Still working but the float leaks. I think I need to put the dash lights on a potentiometer to lessen the brightness a bit.

In other news, the roll around junk yard wheels prize is still available to the winner of naming the car.

  • Name Sex Meaning Origin
  • Arcene F Silvery. French
  • Argenta F The silvery one. Latin
  • Argentia F Silver. Latin
  • Argentina F Silver. Latin
  • Argento M Silver. Latin
  • Argyros M Silver. Greek
  • Arian F Silver. Welsh
  • Arian M Silver. Derived from Greek Arion, mythological magic horse. Welsh
  • Ariana F Silver. Welsh
  • Arianell F Silver. (An early saint) Welsh
  • Arianrod F Silver wheel. Anglo-Saxon
  • Arjean F Silvery. French
  • Antenor M South American silver magnate Antenor Patino. Spanish/Greek
  • Eirian F Silver. Welsh
  • Fidda F Silver Arabic
  • Gina F Silvery Japanese
  • Gweir M Legendary son of Cadellin Silver. Welsh
  • Jumanah F Silver pearl. Arabic
  • Kailasa F Silver mountain. Indian
  • Lujayn F Silver. Arabic
  • Silverman M Silver; Silver worker Old English
  • Silverton M Silver; Silver town Old English
  • Silvio M Silver. Italian
  • Sippai M Threshold, silver cup. Biblical
  • Sooleawa F Silver (Algonquin). Native American
  • Sterlyn M Of high quality; pure. Pre-medieval refiners of silver. English
  • Stirling M Of high quality, pure. Pre-medieval refiners of silver. English
  • Tatyana F Silver-haired. A popular Russian name. Latin

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