Friday, January 14, 2011

Jaguar project paint shop

Jaguar Wednesday on Friday. I did stop in for a visit Wednesday, but nothing to write home about. But today, I see major progress.

Rear wings (fenders) back on temporarily for preparation.

Looks better with the wings on.

Bonnet up to sand edges of engine compartment.

A little feature I had added. A lock box in the unused left hand battery compartment. There are no other lockable storage compartment other than the boot (trunk).
Will be handy for locking up the radio faceplate and GPS when parking anywhere other than my garage.

Ford-Cosworth 2.9L V6 - 24Valve engine dormant but ready to run.

Getting there. Next a final sanding, sealer, then ready for primer.

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Mamita Ruby said...

looks the same to me. I think you are just dreaming when you visit your Jag. You better put your money out and have those guys finish the four year proyect. you cheap, pito