Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jaguar rear axle done!

Went to Advanced Driveline today to check on the progress of the rear axle. It was not on the bench it had been on for the past few months, but outside on the forklift.

On the forklift ready to be taken home.

Everything back together.

Everything where it should be.

Got it home and unloaded from the van.

So happy to have it back.

Now just a simple matter of putting it back in the Jaguar.

Nice and warm today so I did as much as my sweat glands would allow then took a siesta to recharge myself. When I got up, it had rained, which cooled things off a lot so I got some more done. I should have it all tightened down tomorrow. Then just a matter of bleeding the brakes, and I am back on the road again.

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