Monday, October 3, 2011

Clutch and Brake pedal modification

Sunday the weather was perfect for a joy ride. Went a little over 200 miles of back country roads in central Florida.
Today, filled up with gas to check the mileage. 22.7 MPG! Short trips around town and using a fairly heavy foot, I got 16.8 MPG.

Also visited Tom Curren at  his shop, Coventry Classics. Forced him into doing a test drive to let me know what needed to be done that I was missing. He noted that the clutch and brake pedals were difficult to operate quickly due to being out to far and suggested a fix.

Clutch pedal and rod. I filed a new notch 2 inches up the rod.

Clutch pedal installed 2 inches closer to the fire wall. Brake pedal to be done.

 Both pedals modified and installed. Clutch still disengages fully but with a lot shorter throw. The brake pedal goes nowhere near the floor. I am happy with the modification...

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