Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Dec 11 country ride.

My daughter, Evelyn, and I went for a nice little country ride this afternoon and ended up for lunch in Mount Dora at Jeramiah's. After lunch we went looking for the old steam engine and found it in Tavares, but no good photo angles or places to park. So we continued on and found this in a vacant lot.

The world famous pallet fort in Tavares, Florida

Kid built tough.

Some future architects.

Continuing on along Lake Dora, we stopped at the old hotel for a photo.

In front of the old lake side hotel in Mt. Dora.

At the park and boat ramp in Mt. Dora.

Some of the majestic beauty that can be found in Florida in December. 

I let Evelyn drive home from here.


Mamita Ruby said...

Are you,two, trying to leave me and Justin without a daughter and a mami? Are you crasy?
Evelyn, just remember Justin while you show off speeding like a batt out of ..... Pito please stop trying to be 21 again. I got so nervous seeing you and Evelyn driving like if you own the road. STOPPPPP, STOPPPP. Oh my goodness. this is toooo much for me to watch.

PiTo said...


Evelyn said...

Don't worry. We didn't go over 82! (It is much easier to drive, the faster you go!)