Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jaguar project headrest

Latest project creating a set of cowl headrests. I first made a paper ellipse and used it as a template for making a cardboard mock up to get the dimensions and shape as close as possible.

Initial framework.

Not out of pop-rivets yet.

More frame work.

Number segments so I don't get too confused.

Frame has taken shape.

Paper templates laid out on sheet of aluminium.

Cut lines, numbers and orientation.

Segments pop-riveted to frame.

Some additional storage space here.

Added hinged door and lock.

Had to get more pop-rivets.

Taking on final shape.

What it will look like on the Jaguar.

Large gap to leave room for tonneau cover.

Rear view.

Another angle.

Pink stuff is bondo filler to hide rivets.

On to priming sanding and painting.

 Need to fabricate the passenger side next. Designed to be removable with 3 bolts and clipped into rag top rear hold down spear.

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