Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jaguar - Paint shop

Jaguar Wednesday visit...

Rear fenders and boot all primed and curing in the sun.

Rest of the car in the paint booth.

Most of the primer guide coat (blue) sanded off and waiting for final primer coat.

The junk yard roll around tires are not standing up too well. The left rear completely flat and they have to pump it up before moving around.

Still looking for a name for "her". Maybe I should start a contest and have people vote for a name. The winner gets a complete set of 4 junk yard tires!

This weeks entry: Gina ... short and easy to remember, but "Viva Gina" may have certain other connotations. ;-)


Evelyn said...

Well, she looks hot and vivacious... what about Vivian? (also means alive)

Fleda - means steady and fast
Falene - taken from feline

MALILA: Miwok name meaning "fast salmon swimming up a rippling stream." seeing that Jag was Salmon Orange (before you cook it) before being repainted silver.

Mamita Ruby said...

Malila sounds very nice ans sensuous.
But I think a Spanish name will do well to.