Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jaguar project at home

Most of the morning spent connecting up the brake lights. Had to partially drop down the master brake cylinder, unmount the switch from the cylinder, connect the wires to the switch, remount the switch and master cylinder. Then add the wires to the HEGO and MAF loom and connect to ignition power and pin 2 of the engine computer.

A lot of crawling around underneath, finding the right wrenches. Now I have to re-bleed the brake lines.

Started to install the drivers seat. I need to get some more bolts, washers, and nuts. I had to make sure I was not going to drill through a gas line, wires, or anything else critical.

Nice fit. I put it as close to the drive shaft tunnel as possible to give clearance for the top... if I ever decide to install it.

I think it needs a head rest, but after both seats are installed.

The seat is very comfortable. More than the original seats.

The 4 point seat belts are plenty long enough.

Time for a siesta! I have been doing too much.

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