Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jaguar project update

Quite a bit accomplished today. Rain this morning and nice overcast when I took these pictures. Really brings out the color.

Re-installed the bonnet. Installed K&N air filter, that big air cleaner behind the radiator, low so it picks up cooler air.

I took the wire wheels off and put my running wheels on.

Passenger/shotgun seat installed. Chick magnet installed.

Still need the boot (trunk lid) so I have a better place to mount the license plate.

Gizmo ready to ride, but he is scared of the noise.

He just likes having his picture taken.

More Gizmo... and by the way, also almost done with the project.

I had to recalibrate the speedometer for the smaller tires. The rims are 17", but the tires are low profile.

I need to adjust the headlights. The chrome rings around the headlights are waiting for some special screws that are on back order.

The list of things to do is getting smaller!


Evelyn said...

No fair, Gizmo gets to sit Shotgun before I do??

Monica said...

I love it! The chick magnet is ESSENTIAL. Maybe Gizmo can wear a helmet with padded ears for the noise. I suppose a muffler on the Jag is out of the question?

YAY for being ALMOST done!

PiTo said...

Depends... Justin may be first. Gizmo does not like the Jag... yet.
Too loud.

Unknown said...

Eve, I totally agree, besides your far more beautiful!