Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday Jag

Beautiful Easter Sunday. I took my daughter, Evelyn, for a Jag ride around Lake Apopka. We ended up, like most Jaguar joy rides, in Mount Dora at Jeramiah's for lunch. We joined  one of Evelyn's teacher friends from grade school, that just happened to be there, for lunch.

As we were leaving, some bikers who were also enjoying the wonderful afternoon, were also getting ready to leave.

One of them yelled, "What year is it?"
I replied, "2012".
Then he asked, "Is that a Porche?"
So I backed up a bit so he could see the front of the car, and said, "No, it is a 1952 Jaguar XK120!"

Front plate and slalom helmet.

During the previous week, Gizmo and I went to a bunch of auto stores looking for a front licence mounting bracket. They were all out except the last place we visited. They had one, but it was plastic, five dollars and would not serve my purpose.
We ended up at Lowes and found some heavy duty straps for rafters that were just the thing to weld together and drill some holes for mounting the Jaguar plate. People will no longer have to stalk me to find out what marque the car is. But, I am afraid they still will to get a close up look and more details.

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Mamita Ruby said...

I will probably would follow you to see where you live, and start my woman magic on you. anything to get a ride in that car.