Friday, April 13, 2012

Torque levers

The Ford-Cosworth engine has too much torque for the weight of the Jaguar. The project this week was to design and fabricate a couple of torque levers to mount under the front of the springs to limit wheel hop. I found some nice U-channel steel at Skycraft surplus for my undertaking.

 One finished (above) and all the pieces ready to weld and assemble (below).

Mounted on right hand side. The bumper is a hard rubber stopper I found at Lowes. I needed a drill to make a hole for the carriage bolt, so Gizmo and I went to our favorite Harbor Freight outlet about 1/2 mile away. I go the drill and fell for a 4 drawer rolling tool cart that was on special for $139.999598 regularly $229.99. I spent most of the afternoon putting it together and filling it up with my tools from various shelves, floor, tables and pretty much filled it up.

I took the Jaguar out for a test ride and still have a little bit of hop. It needs the left side completed and installed.

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