Monday, February 28, 2011

Jaguar Startup

First test of rewiring the engine computer loom. Start up a bit rough, the ECU has to learn the engine after sitting for over a year without starting. No leaks, sounds a bit rough. Once I get it road worthy, I'll give it a good Italian tune up.

Trouble uploading to blogger, uploaded to youtube, but not sound (?). It did not sound too sweet anyhow. :-(

Still have to do some wrapping of cables and installing more cable clamps to tidy things up. I installed a terminal board for the ignition power common point rather than the lump of tied together wires. Installed the horn button, but not the horns, yet.

1 comment:

Mamita Ruby said...

I wanted to hear the sweet sound of that powerful engine, especially when I see your foot pumping it.
Do it again, pito.