Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jaguar project at home

I took off the transmission tunnel to access the odometer and reverse lamp switch.

Fabricated a bracket to holding the hall effect transducer for the speedometer.

Solution for mounting the wire wheels.
A piece of pipe, tapped for the wheel studs to be used as a guide for installing the wheels.
Without it, it is a real pain to line up the holes with the studs. This makes it a piece of cake.

Slide the wheel over the pipe, install 4 of the five lug nuts, then remove the pipe and install the last stud. Put the other 3 wheels on. Done.

Jaguar Wednesday did not get too much done. Picked up some parts from Imagination Engineering they had ordered for me from XKS unlimited. Needed some wire, so Richard sent me to Skycraft Surplus and too much time checking it out. I got the wire at a very good price.

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