Friday, February 25, 2011

Jaguar project wiring

I got 5 Gallons of gas ($3.29/gallon) and debugged the fuel level sensor. Then fired (literally) it up. A lot of the wires are way too long, and some were resting on the right hand exhaust manifold.
Before things got too far out of hand, I was able to test the tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature, and speedometer.
I adjusted the fan thermocouple to turn the fan on at 180F. That is when I noticed some smoke coming for the right side and shut it down. No real damage done, just some tubing I have the wire in melting a bit.

Block diagram of 2.9Litre V6 24valve Cosworth engine.

I unwrapped most of the wire looms and am in the process of taking about 5 feet of excess wire out of the looms. I am eliminating about half of the unused wires having to do with things like air conditioning compressor clutch, 4-3 automatic transmission shift down, neutral/park transmission position, canister purge, EGR for leaded gas and other stuff that is not applicable.

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it looks like the inside of my brain when i think of you!