Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jaguar project at home

Busy week. I got a lot done, and still a lot left to do.
  • Ran wires for headlights and parking lamps

  • Mounted fuse blocks to firewall.

  • Wired up thermostatic control for radiator fan and mounted control to engine compartment.

  • Ran wires for radiator fan manual control (to override thermostatic control just in case).

  • Tore down, cleaned, lubricated the windshield wiper cable and mechanism. Took about 3 hours for this one.

  • Rerouted the ground cable from the battery to the frame to fit under the cover I fabricated from a marine battery box. I had to remove the right hand muffler and tailpipe to get enough clearance for my drill to drill and tap a hole in the frame for a good ground.

I am not looking forward to tearing down the engine computer cable and ringing out all the wires. There are a lot of extra unused wires for things like air conditioner, automatic transmission, and other stuff I have not figured out yet. I want to make it as clean and simple as possible.
So far I have been working mostly on the front end of the car. Still have the tail/brake, license and backup lights to do. I have been cutting out old dead wires and noting the routing I want to take for the new wires.

1 comment:

Mamita Ruby said...

I just love to see you busy doing what you love the most. I am sure the final job will be something to take a breath of admiration.
"Papi can fix anything, do anything"
Evelyn proudly announced to her little friends who showed up with broken toys or whatever.

Pito, you are still that man, and we are all proud of your accomplishments.